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Transformation of plastic materials as a producer of Rafia in Polypropylene and HD Polyethylene


The raw material (polypropylene, polyethylene, bio-plastic) is mixed with additives and dyes in unique formulas for each customer, obtaining flat raffia or fibrillated raffia downstream of the process according to the customer’s needs.

During the production, a one-way orientation of the yarn molecules takes place to give a very strong tensile strength and reach the required quality standards.


Through the twisting process, a more resistant yarn is obtained than the flat one, which is why it is particularly suitable for applications where traction is an essential factor.

This operation gives the yarn a specific number of twists per meter according to the customer’s requests (from 30 min to 150 max), as well as the type of twist (S / Z).


We offer a winding service that allows the end customer not to handle a “Jumbo” reel, but a more workable and less bulky one with customizable weight, diameter and length.

Each characteristic of the reel, such as the size of the tube, the meters of yarn, the final diameter, the stroke and the number of crossings, are taken into consideration with the aim of optimizing the customer’s production.

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