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T.M.P. di Bacis is specialized in producing Rafia in Polypropylene HD.

The Rafia Fibrillated is used to produce strings, synthetic fabrics, nets, camping articles, elastic belts.
The yarn can be both rough and soft, and it is caracterized by a “net” texture.
We produce Rafia Fibrillated from TD 600 to TD 22000 and coils from 4 kg to 25 kg .

The Rafia Piattina is used for the strap of garbage bags .
We produce Rafia Piattina fromTD 600 to 1000 and coils of 4 – 5 kg each.
The yarn is smooth and thin and it can be caracterized by a neutral color it can be colored .

We also have the ability to twist the yarn and run test of toughness on our products.


Rafia processing plant with breath

Rafia processing plant with flat head

Final products


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